Back to work: tips and good practices


All the best things are ending one day. When it comes to come back to work, it can be difficult to make the transition from summer idleness to a high work rate.

Here’s a list of good practices for an HR manager returning to the office after the holidays to help (re)motivate the teams:

1. Check-In with the Team

  • Individual Meetings: Schedule one-on-one meetings with team members to catch up on their holiday experiences and to understand their current work status and any challenges they may be facing.
  • Team Meetings: Organize a team meeting to collectively discuss the upcoming goals and projects.

2. Acknowledge Achievements

  • Recognition: Acknowledge and celebrate any achievements or milestones reached before the holidays. This helps set a positive tone and reminds everyone of their accomplishments.

3. Set Clear Goals

  • Short-term Goals: Outline clear, attainable short-term goals to give the team immediate objectives to focus on.
  • Long-term Vision: Reinforce the long-term vision and how individual contributions align with it.

4. Offer Support and Resources

  • Training Opportunities: Provide information about any new training or development opportunities.
  • Wellness Programs: Highlight any wellness programs or resources available to support mental and physical health.

5. Encourage Team Bonding

  • Team Activities: Plan team-building activities to rebuild camaraderie and team spirit.
  • Casual Interactions: Encourage informal interactions, like a coffee break or a team lunch.

6. Review Workload and Priorities

  • Project Review: Review the status of ongoing projects and re-prioritize tasks if necessary.
  • Balance Workload: Ensure workloads are balanced to avoid burnout and stress.

7. Create a Comfortable Work Environment

  • Workspace Comfort: Ensure the physical workspace is comfortable and conducive to productivity.
  • Break Areas: Encourage use of break areas to help employees relax and recharge.

8. Encourage Feedback

  • Surveys and Meetings: Use surveys or feedback sessions to gather input on what motivates and engages your team.
  • Act on Feedback: Implement changes based on feedback to show that it is valued and taken seriously.

By following these practices, an HR manager can effectively re-engage and motivate their teams after the holiday break, fostering a positive and productive work environment.