Your level of engagement

The starting point for any work on engagement is to understand the current engagement levels on each of the key dimensions influencing engagement. Gaining understanding starts with collecting engagement data and information.

Here is how we can support you in that process:

  • If you are already running a regular engagement survey, then that’s great and we already have a set of useful information and data. Alternatively, you can participate in our anonymous people engagement survey covering the key dimensions Fairness & Recognition, Involvement & Trust, Wellbeing & Flexibility, Communication & Information, Development & Career and Commitment & Advocacy. Participation in our survey adds the advantage that we will have the source data to work with vs just the consolidates report formats and that you can compare yourself against the local market
  • Data needs to be supplemented with information to gain understanding. Therefore we recommend to run a series of interviews with a sample of your key stakeholders from senior management to employees via people managers, HR and staff delegation and collect information from other sources you may have, such as exit interviews or results from other surveys on related topics
  • You may also be interested in running our short 2 minutes version of an engagement survey, consisting of some 5-7 key questions, whether in addition to your existing survey or as a quarterly quick poll
  • And of course we can also set up tailored surveys and roll-out programmes to match your particular context and requirements such as measuring impact of specific actions, adjusting to your KPIs or even taking into account specific working conditions or patterns that defer from the general market

We can help you

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