high engagement and manage the change

As crucial as it may be to define the right action plan, results are only obtained through delivery and implementation. Making it happen requires a combination of expertise, change management, stakeholder buy-in, development and communication efforts, ideally to be delivered in collaboration with your own management and HR people.

Here a few examples on how we can support you in making it happen:

  • Delivering change requires buy-in from the top. We can assist you in running presentations and workshops with your executive team to embed engagement as a strategic priority for your organisation. This will help further down the delivery road when conflicts of interests or resources pop up
  • Putting a plan into action has best chances to happen if the project is managed. We can provide project and change management support as well as steering committee input to help adjusting the delivery to unforeseen events and hurdles whilst keeping the focus on the goals to achieve
  • A frequent aspect of improving engagement is to adjust key internal policies, such as performance management, reward, learning & development… to engagement. We have ample experience in designing and implementing such policies, including information to and training of all stakeholders
  • The most influential person in an organisation when it comes to an individual’s level of engagement is their direct line manager. People managers put most of HR policies into practice with their teams. We have developed a comprehensive leadership development programme focused on engagement

We can help you

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