Leonardo 3.4.5

Help people to know themselves better... To feel better at work.
They will deliver more for longer.

Leonardo 3.4.5 is a questionnaire composed of 80 questions that can be answered in maximum 45 minutes. Available in 4 languages (EN, FR, DE, IT). Leonardo 3.4.5 identifies the individual work preferences and helps people to thrive at work and deliver better results.

Leonardo 3.4.5 measures four psychological dimensions:

* interpersonal relationships (rather introverted or extroverted),
* information processing (practical or conceptual),
* decision making (more analytical or on feeling)
* work management (rather structured or open).

Your benefits

A better recruitment
by identifying behavioral preferences
Team building
through strengthening inter and intra-group relations, personal and group coaching.
Manage conflicts better
Smoother mergers
Prepare the future
by upgrading your management.
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