Preparing and running the elections

VISTIM manages for you all the necessary steps to run the social elections

– Draw up the list of salaried workers eligible for active and/or passive voting rights based on the criteria defined by the Luxembourg legislation
– Registration of electoral list fulfilling the format, content and timeline criteria.
– Drafting of all internal communication to employees on the election process
– Request for postal voting authorisation
– Establishment of the voting instructions and ballot papers following the required criteria
– Posting of voting instructions
– Full briefing of the electoral office on the process to follow on the election day
– Liaison with myGuichet and the ITM throughout the process


– Constitution of the election report
– Posting of the names of the elected regular and substitute representatives
– Registration of results to the authorities
– Memo to brief the new delegation for the organisation of the constituent meeting and designation of the Equality Delegate, Security Delegate.

Analysis and management of any potential complaints (1st level) is included in the flat fee.

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To prepare the social elections