Access learning grantsLearning aids: the VISTIM All Inclusive service

The Luxembourg government supports companies’ training efforts by contributing to the funding of their training plans.

Depending on the amount of annual investment in continuing vocational training and the type of training provided, you may be eligible for public co-financing of your training activities. Applications for co-financing should be sent to the Institut National pour le développement de la Formation Professionnelle Continue (INFPC).

This must be done according to a precise form and by 31 May at the latest. The remaining time is:


VISTIM helps you to complete your INFPC report in order to benefit from aid for continuing professional training in companies.

The VISTIM All Inclusive service

We take care of :

  • collecting data on the training courses attended
  • checking supporting documents
  • searching for missing documents
  • identifying eligible training courses
  • putting together the application
  • calculating the estimated amount of aid to be received
  • final check and submission of application

Your benefits

  • Time saving
  • Quality control
  • Guarantee of compliance
  • Advice on managing future training courses

By handing over the preparation of your INFPC report to us, you save time and benefit from our expertise to ensure that your request is compliant. We can also draw on our experience to help you improve the management of your training courses.

Benefit from training grants