UncategorizedDecember 6, 2023

100% Happy Clients : the most beautifull gift ever

All I want for Christmas is such great results to a customers’ satisfaction survey!

With an average score of 8.76 (out of ten), our clients confirm, once again, how satisfied they are with our services.

Twenty seven of them have answered the questionnaire covering the quality of our services, the expertise of our consultants and our ability to match our solutions with their needs…

No major flaw has been detected.

This results are a clear validation of strategic decisions we follow right from the creation of the company: build the Best Team and deliver outstanding performance to our clients. We, at VISTIM, are convinced that the value and performance of a company lies in the engagement of its people.
Since establishing our company, this is what drives us. Today we thank our team for injecting such value, expertise and passion in everything they do and thank your clients for their trust.

Looking forward to working together in 2024 !!