UncategorizedOctober 18, 2022

Engagement: Hearts and brains on stage

More than 70 people responded to VISTIM’s invitation and participated in an event that brought together experts and leaders to discuss engagement. The subject has become of crucial importance for all companies, and particularly for those employing profiles in shortage.

LISER’s studies on the labour market allowed the discussions to be based on objective and scientifically validated facts. The speakers brought their field experience and personal views about engagement. They also shared their recipes for improving engagement. Different opinions about the expectations of the new generation or the role of remote working have fueled the debate and opened new perspectives.

A few preconceived ideas were challenged and the exchanges allowed us to identify some “quick wins” that can be easily deployed in most cases. But there is no magic formula for developing high levels of engagement over the long term. It requires a well-prepared plan and a solid and clear business strategy. Through the many discussions with the audience, it became clear that engagement should be placed at the centre of the HR strategy and the business strategy as a whole. Because you are always more motivated to overcome difficulties on a steep path when you know (more or less) where you are going.

Karin Scholtes explained that we are faced with a societal challenge that does not only concern organisations. It is the model of society in which we want to live that is in question.

Aline Muller outlined the ecomic and labour market trends that are affecting engagement. She touched on subjects like skills gaps, poor European competitiveness for high-level skills and adverse effects of remote working.

Niccolo Polli then focused on his 3 foundations: Values, Purpose, Relations. He emphasized the need to connect with each employee to ensure their well-being and share the company’s values.

Gérard Sinnes summarized the seven steps to high engagement.

Potential virtuous circles have also been clearly identified. Because, to put it simply, success breeds success.

But to find the best route, you first need to know exactly where you are. For this first step, a thorough investigation is necessary, in order to make a precise inventory of the situation and to identify the problems that may be lurking beneath the surface. Such inventory can be established through an engagement survey.

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