UncategorizedJune 6, 2023

Harassment: the VISTIM / ERIA prevention and respond service offering

The new law, which comes into force on 29 March 2023, requires companies to take steps to prevent bullying and deal with it properly if it does occur. So it’s time to get up to speed with the new regulations. In partnership with specialist ERIA, we have developed a comprehensive package to help you get started.

Compliance :

  • Review of your current practices in the field of harassment prevention and complaint management with regard to the prerogatives of the new law and advice on how to comply
  • Support your compliance efforts: drafting/amending your policy, setting up prevention measures and ‘referents’ in the company, etc.
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of your current prevention measure (new legal requirement)

Training :

  • Up-skilling HR/Referent training on the specificities of the new law and align them on the correct course of action
  • Harassment prevention training for your managers, to align them with the fundamentals of prevention and their responsibilities as team managers
  • Harassment prevention training for your employees (legal requirement)

Complaint management :

  • Ombud-person: we act as an impartial arbiter to help you decide whether to launch an investigation into rumors of moral or sexual harassment
  • Management of investigations into complaints of harassment (moral or sexual) and recommendations (legal requirement)

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