COVID-19-Case study

How to protect your people and your business As the intensity and volume of government warnings and actions started to grow exponentially in Europe and around the world mid of last week, we knew we had to push our thinking further in order to protect our people and to ensure the continuity of our business.…


Dans ces temps agités il est bon de s’assurer que nos fondations sont solides ! A cet effet VISTIM vous propose son programme de développement en compétences managériales, intra-entreprise, ajustable à vos besoins spécifiques et à votre culture. Ce programme se déroule en quatre temps :  des entretiens individuels avec vos managers afin de cerner leurs problématiques…

Job grading exercise for Banks: three lessons learned !

Over the last few months we have had the opportunity to support a number of Banks with their job grading exercise and here are a few reflections that may help those who are ‘deep’ down in the exercise… or those kicking-it off now in emergency ! Take the time to update the job descriptions keeping…