10 mistakes to avoid when writing job descriptions

When writing or reviewing your company’s job descriptions, avoid these 10 most common mistakes: Underestimate the scale of the task: paying close attention and taking enough time to write a job description is essential for a constructive and efficient outcome Creating a job description for each individual: a job description should be a written statement…
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The new CBA job grading methodology for bank employees

The new CBA job grading methodology for bank employees   Among the fundamental changes introduced by the new Collective Bargaining Agreement for bank employees, there is a job grading exercise to perform in order to classify all functions in 4 new groups before the effective date, January 1st, 2020. We have identified the various steps…
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10 common payroll mistakes to avoid

Antonella Gasparro, Senior HR Manager at VISTIM tells us about the 10 common payroll mistakes to avoid:   Missing paydays: running payroll too late leads to unhappy employees. Make sure to mark your calendar with the right timeframes in order to meet the important dates and deadlines; if you are using external vendors ensure you…
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