UncategorizedJanuary 31, 2024

Social elections: the final countdown

The final countdown has begun for the social elections.

The blue text only applies for Postal ballots.

February the 1st: the number of employees must be counted in order to determine the need to organize elections. The number of employees also determines the number of delegates to be elected. Then, the next deadlines will follow each other closely:

  • 9th February: Announcement of the election, including date, time and place. Notification of the ITM. Request authorisation for postal voting.
  • 19th February: Post electoral lists. Inform staff of the three-day window to submit complaints about the lists. Notify ITM.
  • 26th February: Deadline for sumbitting applications.
  • 29th February: If opting for postal ballot, notify the ITM of the candidates listing
  • 1st March: Send ballots and instructions via registered mail to postal voters. Post candidatures within the company until 11th march.
  • 6th March: Notify the ITM of the candidates listing (through Guichet.lu)
  • 7th March: Post applications within the company until 11th March.
  • 12th March: D DAy! Conduct elections and close the electoral office at the specified time
  • 12th April (at the latest): constitution meeting of the newly elected delegation


You can fin all information related to your particular situation on the ITM website: https://itm.public.lu/fr/conditions-travail/elections-sociales.html