Teleworking compliance

New CCSS provisions - Teleworking for non-residents from 1/07/2023

Since 01/07/2023, new social security provisions have been in force concerning teleworking, following the framework agreement signed by certain Member States.

VISTIM is at your side to help you assess the impact of these new provisions and bring you into compliance with them.

We provide strategic and operational support:

  1. Analysis of applicability and adaptation to the new rules.
    => Report and presentation to management / HR
    => Definition of application procedures
    => Updating internal regulations / HR policies and procedures
    => Information / Communication to staff and delegations
  2. Operational support
    1. Processing applications from eligible employees
    2. Managing declarations
    3. Drafting contract amendments

We can help you

To provide you with a safe, fair and compliant working environment