UncategorizedAugust 30, 2023

Social elections: time to prepare and organise

In March 2024, social elections will be held in Luxembourg to appoint staff delegates in companies having employed at least 15 people in the 12 months preceding the first of the month of the elections.


  • business managers and executives if they are employees of the business: that is, in a hierarchical relationship;
  • part-time workers working at least 16 hours per week. If this is not the case, the number of staff is calculated by dividing the total number of work hours indicated in their employment contracts by the legal or statutory working time;
  • workers on fixed-term employment contracts and the interim staff in proportion to the length of time they have spent working for the business during the 12 months preceding the first of the month in which the elections are announced.


  • workers under a fixed-term employment contract and interim staff who are replacing an absent worker or an employee whose employment contract has been suspended;
  • apprentices.

Social elections take place every 5 years.

The process to follow has multiple steps and a strict timeline to observe, under the supervision of the Labour Inspectorate (ITM):

  • the number of delegates to elect,
  • the conditions for passive and active electorate,
  • the voting system.

You can refer to the Guichet Public to know exactly what you have to do, how and when.

The elected delegation remains in place for 5 years and works closely with both the management and the employees on important topics linked to their working conditions, job security and employment status. The organization of the elections is the responsibility of the employer, often delegated to its HR department… Which VISTIM can support. Contact us for more details.

This election is an opportunity to establish or continue a constructive dialogue with your staff delegation. This starts, for example, with a clear understanding of each party’s roles and responsibilities as well as a transparent and constructive exchanges on the topics that matter.

Drawing on its experience in industrial relations, VISTIM can help you making the most of this dialogue, including with targeted training courses for staff delegates and the management.